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Please note that picking conditions can change day by day, and even hour to hour, depending upon Mother Nature, weather conditions and customer traffic.

Voted one of the “Top Ten Best Orchards” in the country by USA Today, Apple Holler is a 78-acre orchard that invites you to embrace the brilliance and beauty of the fall season. When you and your family spend a day with us, experience our special “Pick-Your-Own Apples” from August through early November.

With more than 30,000 select dwarf trees featuring 30 varieties of apples, a day spent in our apple orchard will be a day that is not quickly forgotten. Check our picking calendar to see when your favorite apple is ready for picking. 

There’s no substitute for being able to pick your own fresh fruit. As you stroll through our spectacular orchard, you will see first-hand the abundant assortment of apples we have available for you to pick from.

All About Apples

How We Grow at Apple Holler

We believe that it is our duty and responsibility to provide your family and ours with the highest quality of healthy, wholesome produce; while also caring for our environment, wildlife and community with responsible pest management solutions. Apple Holler is a farm that uses IPM, which is a reliable method of farming that controls insects, pests and diseases, while protecting human health and the environment.

If you ask someone to describe Johnny Appleseed and his legacy, chances are good that you will hear the following “ he was a man who wore tattered clothing, wore a tin pot on his head, skipped through fields, sprinkling apple seeds almost like they were fairy dust, leaving behind in his wakefields of apple trees.  Not quite…

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