Homemade Bakery

Our Homemade Bakery is made with Love

Over 30 years ago when the Flannery’s founded Apple Holler they knew how special it was.  They wanted to keep the nostalgic feeling that they felt here and wanted to share it with all of their guests.  One of the most delicious ways to share the nostalgia was Vicki’s Grandma Edna’s homemade Apple Pie.  So the famous High Top Apple Pie was born.

This pie can not be found anywhere but Apple Holler because this pie is made from scratch with apples grown right on the farm, flour, sugar and most of all Love.  Over the years Apple Holler has grown and added more delectable treats to their bakery menu, but one thing has not changed, everything is made with LOVE.

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How our Homemade High-Top Apple Pie is made from scratch

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Our Apple Cider Donuts

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How Our Apple Cider Donuts are Made