What’s even better than Honeycrisp apples? Premier Honeycrisp apples!

Premier Honeycrisp applesHoneycrisp apples are coming early this year!  Newly developed Premier Honeycrisp apples are specifically developed to ripen a full 21 days earlier than the standard Honeycrisp (which is ready Mid-September).  With the same great flavor, you can now enjoy Honeycrisp apples earlier than ever before.

premier honey crisp applesHoneycrisp are a large apple that’s red with a yellow background color.  Big, juicy, and sweet, Honeycrisp’s flavor is comparable to apple cider.  Crisp with a clean break when bitten, Honeycrisp is crunchy, sweet, and delicious.  Substantial enough in size to be called a meal, it’s also been called dessert straight from the tree.   This delicious apple is great for eating, baking and making applesauce!

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