Peach Picking

Pick your Own Peaches at Apple Holler!

peach pickIf you love peaches, but thought you would have to travel to Georgia to pick peaches, you are in luck because we have our very own peach orchard that you can pick peaches from. Our peach picking season begins Mid-July and continues into August.  Hurry in, these juicy peaches won’t last long!

We grow the following peaches here at Apple Holler:

Rich May Rich May ripens very early July. The fruit is medium in size, scarlet red over a yellow-green under color, yellow-fleshed clingstone, very firm with great flavor.
Flaming Fury PF1 Flaming Fury PF1 ripens early to mid-July. Mostly red-skin, non–browning. It is mild flavored, juicy and sweet with minimal split pits.
Desiree Desiree ripens mid-July. This good flavored peach is medium sized,  semi-freestone, colored crimson red over yellow-red with a firm yellow flesh.
Flaming Fury PF5D Flaming Fury PF5D ripens early to mid-July. Dark red color with excellent fruit quality and is large for an early peach. It is sweet and flavorful with fewer split pits than most early varieties.
Harrow Diamond Harrow Diamond ripens late July. Yellow skinned freestone peach, covered with a red blush. Its yellow flesh is non-browning, juicy and sweet, good for eating fresh, canning or freezing.
Early Star Early Star ripens late July. Fruit is medium in size, semi-freestone with good color and firmness.
GlenGlo Just Planted –
Eight Ball Just Planted –
Bright Star Bright Star ripens late July. It is a good early eating peach, with great flavor, semi-freestone with good color and firmness. It has very few split pits..
July Rose Just Planted –
Sentry Sentry ripens mid-July. This big flavored large peach is a yellow-fleshed, semi-freestone.
Gala Peach Gala ripens mid-July. A medium-large to large peach with scarlet red over green-yellow ground color, yellow-fleshed, semi-freestone peach. Flesh is moderately firm with good flavor.
Red Haven
Red Haven ripens late July to early August. This red over yellow fruit is a popular peach with a long shelf life. It is a freestone peach and is great for canning.
John Boy
John Boy ripens early August. This peach is relatively large, freestone, firm, with half red skin on attractive bright yellow with good flavor.

You may purchase your Farm Park Admission & Picking bags at the Country Store (big red building).

After purchasing your Farm Park Admission and a picking bag (1/4 peck = 3-4 lbs of peaches), you may pick and taste whatever peaches we are picking in the Orchard; but make sure that you keep your receipt.  Please show your picking bag receipt when you exit from the orchard.

Peaches2cropW620Please make sure that all the peaches you pick are put in your picking bag and not in backpacks, bags, strollers, etc.  They will be checked.

Don’t miss our Guide for Peaches!    Here you will learn all that you ever wanted to know about Peaches here at Apple Holler!

*Last ticket or picking bag sold is at 3:30pm each day

**While Supplies Last**


Peach Picking Pricing is:

$15 per person (1/4 Peck Bag approx 3-4lb )

*Everyone entering the orchard must pay for Peach Picking.

Peach Picking Package Includes:

  1. Bag for Peach Picking – per person
  2. FREE Tasting of the peaches while in the Orchard
  3. FREE Farm Park Admission
  4. All Day Access to the Kids Corral Play Area including Cool Cow Maze, Music Garden, Amish-Built Train, and Rainbow Play Structure
  5. Golden Goat Bridge & Farm Animal to Visit
  6. Bee Observation Exhibit & Tree Life Cycle Exhibit
  7. Pedal Carts & Giant Slide
  8. Many Photo Opportunities & Lots of Memories

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