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Picking Your Own Fruit at Apple Holler

Pick your own apples in our 74 acre orchard, which contains more than 30,000 select dwarf apple trees in thirty varieties, specially cultivated so you won’t need a ladder to go apple picking.

Apple picking season begins in August and runs through early November…see the Picking Calendar for the best picking dates for your favorite varieties.

Apple Picking jonathan applesWe’re not only about apples!

Starting in July enjoy pick-your-own peaches. For additional fruit variety beginning in early fall, try our pears. During the Autumn months, Apple Holler has pumpkins available for the pickin’ in late September and October.

Folks of all ages can experience the fun of pick-your-own! When it comes to fresh fruit, there is no substitute for picking it yourself in our beautiful orchard. Come give us a taste!

Come enjoy our wonderful Farm Park where you can visit the animals, enjoy a pony ride, Slide down the Giant Slide, ride the Kid’s Korral Train and More!

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