I came to have the fish fry, at first I was upset to find out that you no longer offer the all you can eat fish, but once I ordered the 8 pieces and got it all at once and then what I couldnt eat I got to bring home, I think its a way better way to do it and I was no longer upset , I like it better this way….I dont have to wait for 2-3 pieces to come to me and get upset because it was taking to long, I loved it and will be coming back A.S.A.P. , my husband loved having my leftovers and everyone was happy….and my daughter ordered the chicken parm. sandwich on that yummy crunchy bread that was brushed with the garlic butter, her words exacly “MOM!!!!!!! This is the BEST sandwich I EVER ate in my life!” They better not ever take it off the menu! I also tasted a bite and I couldnt believe how wonderful it was! Good job you all keep up the great cooking skills we will be back as often as we can! Love you guys!

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TAMMY from Kenosha, WI