Pick your own Snow Sweet Apple Grown at Apple Holler

Snow Sweet Apple at Apple Holler

Snow Sweet Apple

Can an apple taste sweet, tart and almost buttery all at the same time?  It can if it is the Snow Sweet apple!

Snow Sweet is a relatively new apple that was developed by the University of Minnesota in 2006. This apple is a hybrid between Sharon and Cornell Red and is the 24th variety introduced since the apple breeding efforts began in 1878.

The name Snow Sweet was given to it because of its slow oxidation process, which means it will stay snowy white long after you slice it, making it a great salad apple as well as the perfect sliced apple to pack inside your child’s lunch box.

This firm, crisp, snowy white apple, ripens in mid-September and is an excellent apple to eat freshly picked from the tree or used in snack trays, lunches or even sauces.