Romantic and Rustic Barn Weddings

Romantic and Rustic Barn Weddings

Apple Holler's Unique Wedding VenueWhen we say the word BARN, what images begin to appear in your mind?  Weathered & Wooden? Red & Round? Spacious & Storied?  Now add these two images to the words Romantic and Rustic Barn Weddings!!!!

A rustic & romantic barn usually means one very important thing…the perfect spot for a wedding!!!!

Did you know that barns are fast becoming the new “go-to” venue for many couples seeking to have a unique as well as memorable wedding day? It is a given that this type of barn wedding won’t be your typical wedding, but that is what makes it all the unforgettable, isn’t it?

Why Barn Weddings Are Gaining in Popularity

The Knot, one of the top wedding research websites, surveyed 14,000 brides who were married in the last few years. Of those, 6 percent had a barn or farm reception.

According to a survey they conducted, 17% of all brides had a more casual wedding. For many couples, the days of the formal black tie wedding are kind of over for them said, said Jamie Miles, editor of The Knot.

But why barn weddings specifically?

Many couples are looking for a more personalized wedding; and a casual barn wedding allows you to create the ultimate in a rustic, romantic as well as personalized wedding day.

How many of us have gone to those formal weddings, and after a while they all start to look and feel alike, don’t they? However if you attend a wedding in a rustic barn, chances are good that this is a wedding that won’t soon be forgotten.

Apple Holler's Simple WeddingAnother way to think about this new trend of more casual weddings, according to Miles, is that is also a generational shift. She goes on to state:

“50 years ago, when people were traveling they would dress up to get on the airplane. You would dress up in your nicest clothes to go to brunch,” she said. “Nowadays you’re wearing t-shirts and flip-flops to work. Generally, things are getting more casual,” Miles continued. “That has parlayed into weddings as well.”

Additionally, according to Emily Whalen (wedding and lifestyle photographer, who was herself married on a farm)

“They are the icing on the cake. There is no pretense about a barn. They have natural character, and don’t require tons of added decoration to make it an interesting setting to celebrate in. There are often less restrictions at a barn venue (though not always), on the end-time for the event, the noise, the exclusive agreements on caterers and other vendors, which allows couples to really craft their details and feel a little more free in their planning.”

5 Reasons Given For Choosing a Barn Wedding:Apple Holler's Barn Wedding

  • Barns are rich in history.
  • Barns can be a quite beautiful and full of charm.
  • Depending on the barn you choose for your wedding day, you can be surrounded by magnificent gardens and orchards.
  • Barns, along with the grounds make for breathtaking photos of your wedding day.
  • A barn wedding can be a simple, romantic event that allows you to put your own personality on how the day will play out.

Planning Your Barn Wedding

If you decide that you like the idea of having a barn wedding and want to move forward with planning this type of wedding, there are a few things to consider that we wanted to share with you:

  1. Mother Nature…She can be friend or foe, depending on the day, can’t she? When you are planning your barn wedding, make sure you always have a Plan B lined up. A few things to keep in mind when it comes to your Plan B…Apple Holler's Orchard Wedding
  • If you were planning on having the wedding outside, and the reception inside, be certain that if inclement weather does happen, that the wedding itself can be hosted indoors.
  • Depending on time of year the wedding will take place, make plans to provide extra warmth for guests (usually heaters or pretty blankets will do the trick) or pretty paper fans for them to use, if it is a hot afternoon.
  • If the wedding takes place during a buggy season, be sure and have some natural mosquito spray available to guests.
  1. Have a seat…Depending on how rustic you do plan on having your barn wedding, you need to be mindful of who is attending. While having guest sit on bales of hay might seem incredibly simple and rustic, if you sit on them for any length of time, they can get itchy! If you go for this type of rustic seating, be sure and throw some color coordinated blankets on top of the hay bales. Another thing to keep in mind is the age of some of the guests…hay bales sit low, and will offer no back support for seniors.
  2. Walk this way…Will the wedding take place outdoors among the trees and flowers? If so, how far a walk from car to wedding site, and then from wedding site to barn will it be? Is the path easy to navigate for women wearing heels? (More on heels in just a bit!)
  3. Let there be light! Even though a barn wedding can be the ultimate when it comes to simplicity, you need to make certain that you have the ability to keep all things running smoothly when it comes to electricity. The best solution is to have three dedicated circuits so that you don’t experience a black out.  You need a circuit for the band/DJ, one for the lights (seriously, you can’t have a barn wedding without lots and lots and lots of strings of pretty white lights, can you?) and one for miscellaneous items such as coffee pots, crock pots, etc.Apple Holler's Country Wedding Venue
  4. Oh My Aching Feet…Remind guests (especially the ladies) that this is a barn wedding and to dress accordingly. You want guests to be able to dance the night away in comfort, which means the ladies need to leave the stilettos at home, and should choose foot wear that can navigate soft grounds.
  5. The sound of music…or not! Check with local ordinances on how loud as well as how long the music can last.
  6. Pssst…where’s the loo? Depending on the barn/farm that you choose for your wedding, you need to consider restroom facilities for your guests. Will you need to rent some portable toilets? Before you start thinking “EWWWWW…”  There are some incredibly elegant bathrooms to choose from; in fact, some of them can rival a 5 Star hotel bathroom. If you decide to go this route, definitely consider where they will be placed because you are going to need to make certain that there is electricity for them.

Apple Holler Barn Wedding
Now if you are beginning to feel overwhelmed thinking “I just wanted a romantic barn wedding and not all the work that is required to pull off this type of beautiful wedding”, Apple Holler is here to help you.

Did you know that you can have your wedding here at Apple Holler; not only can you have your wedding here, but we take most of the work out of it for you, allowing you to have the unique, rustic romantic barn wedding you want, without the hours (and hours) of planning and preparation that would normally go into creating this wedding.

A Romantic Barn Wedding at Apple Holler means that you can experience both the simplicity as well as the charm that our wedding barn will offer. Though in all honesty not only will you get simplicity and charm, you are also going to get a heaping amount of casual romantic elegance for your special day, turning this wedding into a day you will have lifetime memories of.

Your ceremony can take place in our picturesque Apple Orchard, or our Enchanted Forest. Once the I Do’s are over, no need to worry about traipsing back through the forest or the Orchard to the barn on foot, we provide the transportation back to the barn for both the Bridal party as well as for the guests.

Upon entering the barn after the wedding ceremony, you and your guests (up to 300 of them) will enjoy some great down home Apple Holler cooking and refreshments.

And as for that Plan B we talked about earlier, in the event of rain or other inclement weather, you will be able to have the wedding inside our barn.

Now because we know that each wedding is unique to each couple getting married, we will work with you to customize the romantic barn wedding you have dreamed of.

Your Apple Holler Wedding package may include the following:

  • On-Site Wedding Coordinators.
  • Outdoor Wedding Photo locations in the Enchanted Hardwood Forest and Apple Orchard.
  • Table linens.
  • Entrée tasting for up to 4 people.
  • White padded garden chairs, (we love hay bales, but we promise you, these will be much more comfortable for your guests!)
  • Ceremony site in the Enchanted Hardwood Forest, complete with romantic white arbor.
  • Reception in our rustic & romantic Banquet Barn.
  • Skirted head table, buffet table and gift table.
  • Tractor-drawn wagon rides to transport guests to the ceremony site and back to the Barn.
  • Decorated horse-drawn Amish built wagon to transport the bridal party.
  • Designated parking for wedding guests.
  • Complimentary use of microphone and podium.
  • Wedding cocktail bar complete with licensed bartenders.
  • Rehearsal dinner packages.
  • Bridal shower packages.
  • Mason jar guest table centerpieces.
  • Champagne or wine toast with dinner.
  • Caramel apple wedding favors.
  • Several menu options to choose from.

If you are thinking that Apple Holler sounds just about perfect for your rustic barn wedding, then you are going to love this next bit of news we want to share.  In late July we are planning on hosting a Wedding Barn Open House, so that you can see just how rustic, and romantic, as well as simple a wedding at Apple Holler can be.

Apple Holler's Wedding SunsetThe Apple Holler family takes tremendous pride in providing exceptional hospitality and service. We look forward to having you attend our open house, and once the date is set, we will share it.

In the meantime, if you just can’t wait for the open house, and would like a tour of the wedding barn, please give us a call at 262-884-7100.   We would be honored to meet with you and assist you in planning your dream barn wedding down to the last detail.