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Recipe Review: Cinnamon Apple Crescent Bites


Recipe Review: Cinnamon Apple Crescent Bites

Recipe Review: Cinnamon Apple Crescent Bites
cinnamon apple crescent bite on plate

Crescent bites are a great weeknight dessert for your family or you can make more for a special occasion.  For a weeknight meal, you will need 1 can of crescent rolls, 1 apple, cinnamon and brown sugar.  I used a Honeycrisp apple.  Honeycrisp are known for being juicy, crunchy and having a honey sweet flavor.  For the recipe and instructions, click here.

three cinnamon apple crescent bites on plate

The resulting dessert is a savory and sweet three bite delight!  The crescent roll adds a buttery flavor and flaky outer layer while the apple and brown sugar provides a sweet contrast in flavor.

I used an apple cutter and sliced the apple into 8 pieces and left the skin on.  This resulted in fairly large pieces that may still have some crunch after cooking.  If you want a soft interior, I would recommend that you cut the apple into smaller pieces so that they cook all the way through.

Cinnamon Apple Crescent Bites: a quick, easy, and wonderful dessert that can be made any day of the week!


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