All of our award-winning pies are homemade. Just imagine being here and smelling the aroma of pies baking! Our apple pies are filled with over 3 lbs. of apples straight from the orchard!
Order your fresh pies for pick-up by calling 1-800-238-3629 or order them online for pick-up as well.

Holiday Pies

Thrill your holiday guests when you serve them a warm, delicious slice of one of our homemade pies.

What better way to celebrate the season than with one of our scrumptious homemade pies! Order from the vast selection of delicious flavors today and pick up your pie for the Holidays. Please give us 48 hours notice, but sometimes 24 hours notice is enough.

Prices: 9” $16.95  &  5” $5.99
(unless otherwise indicated)





Traditional Apple
Dutch Apple
Caramel Apple  @ $17.95
Sugar-Free Apple
Apple Blueberry @ $17.95
Blueberry @ $18.95
Dutch Blueberry @ $18.95
Apple Cherry @ $17.95
Cherry @ $18.95
Dutch Cherry @$18.95
Apple Cranberry @ $17.95
Peach @ $18.95
Apple Peach @ $17.95
Fruit of the Woods @ $17.95
Fresh Strawberry @ Market Price
Strawberry Rhubarb @ Market Price
Banana Cream
Coconut Cream
Chocolate Cream
French Silk
Lemon Meringue
Homemade Pumpkin
Pumpkin Cream Cheese @ $18.95
Apple Butter Pumpkin
Pecan @ $18.95

Traditional Apple Sheet Pie (18 x 13) @ $54.95
Dutch Apple Sheet Pie (18 x 13) @ $54.95
Traditional Apple 1/2 Sheet Pie (13 x 9.5) @ $29.95
Dutch Apple 1/2 Sheet Pie (13 x 9.5) @ $29.95


“We always enjoy our visits to Apple Holler. The food is excellent and we always take home a pie. They are the best! This time we purchased several for our friends, family and neighbors. Everyone was pleased! YUMMY!”
HANK from Prairie View, IL

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