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Perfect Growing Conditions Mean the Best Peach Crop Ever at Apple Holler


Perfect Growing Conditions Mean the Best Peach Crop Ever at Apple Holler

Dave Flannery

RACINE, WISCONSIN, July 7, 2016.

Peaches hanging on a branchWhy? This year’s weather conditions were almost perfect for the budding and blooming, of Apple Holler’s peach trees, which is necessary for the bloom to grow into a peach. This year throughout the growing season there was plenty of warm weather and rain at just the right times. PLUS, choosing and planting the right varieties of peach trees that can withstand Wisconsin winters is extremely important to expect a successful harvest.Peaches hanging on a branch

Apple Holler started planting peach trees in the spring of 2011. Dave Flannery, owner of Apple Holler, knew he was taking a chance with planting peaches, known to grow more successfully in the South. BUT, Dave Flannery did his research and found some heartier peach trees that grow better in the North and can handle colder temperatures.

This year, the unpredictable weather across America has caused peach crop reduction as a whole. In the Northeast, the peach crop was decimated by mid-February freeze, and a cold snap in early April. It is estimated that about 90% of the crops in the Northeast were lost. Wisconsin also experienced some cold weather this season, with some later frosts that threatened fruit crops. Once the trees start budding, the freezing temperatures can kill the flower bud. If there are no buds, then there are no peaches.

Most recently in the winter of 2013 to 2014, Apple Holler’s orchard did experience some bitterly cold temperatures. There was not a single peach on any of the 500 peach trees. That season Apple Holler lost about 50 peach trees from temperatures dipping as low as –20 F.

Though this was disappointing, it did not discourage Flannery from expanding his peach orchard. In the Spring of 2015, He planted another 1,000 peach trees, and this year he planted 300 more peach trees, focusing on varieties that ripen earlier. This year Apple Holler will have peaches ready to be picked in mid July. Apple Holler’s peach orchard is “pick-your-own” for the public to come and experience picking fresh, juicy peaches straight from the tree.

Apple Holler is located between Racine and Kenosha, off I-94 on Sylvania Avenue (the west frontage road); just north of the highway KR exit. Apple Holler is a farm to table restaurant, bakery, gift shop, orchard and family farm, with pick your own apples, peaches, pears and pumpkins. Visitors will enjoy four seasons of family fun and activities including; orchard and farm tours, musical theatre, hayrides, horse-drawn sleigh rides, barnyard animals and outdoor garden displays. A perfect indoor/outdoor wedding venue and group agritourism destination. Experience the Magic of Apples at Apple Holler!

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