In Support of Earth Day & Arbor Day, Apple Holler is offering free orchard tours and have planted over 2,000 fruit trees.

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RACINE , WISCONSIN, April 9, 2015….Coming up this month are two days that are especially meaningful to Apple Holler, an earth friendly family farm and orchard in Racine County, Wisconsin. Earth Day on April 22nd is designated for fostering appreciation of the earth’s environment and awareness of the issues that threaten it. Arbor Day on April 24th is a holiday that encourages the planting and caring of trees. Apple Holler takes their appreciation to another level by planting on an average of 1,000 trees a year. In fact, this year they are planting 2,000 new fruit trees.

Apple Holler is proud of the beneficial effects it’s orchard and farm has on the environment. Fruit trees help purify the air by absorbing CO2 and converting it into oxygen. One tree can produce on average over 260 lbs. of oxygen a year. This means Apple Holler’s orchard may produce over 7 million lbs. of oxygen each year. This is a very good thing. Trees also absorb pollutants by trapping them in their bark and leaves. One tree can absorb about 10 lbs. of pollutants annually. That means that Apple Holler’s Orchard helps remove about 150 tons of pollutants from the air a year. What a great way to help the earth.

Apple Holler uses earth friendly growing practices, such as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to produce high-quality fruit, while minimizing economic, health and environmental hazards. IPM is a method of pest management used to help farmers anticipate and prevent pest outbreaks so that crop growing can be more environmentally safe and economically sound. It is based on using a wide variety of pest management tactics to produce wholesome apples and other crops.

To celebrate Earth Week and Arbor Day, Apple Holler is inviting the public for free orchard tours and to visit the farm, on Sunday, April 26th, 10am to 3 pm at no charge. Learn more about Apple Holler’s family farm, while you enjoy the fresh springtime air. Also included in this free event: roasting marshmallows, visiting baby chicks, ducklings, goats and farm animals, farm park fun, Mazes, Giant Slide, Kids Corral Play Area and MOre. Plus there will be free tasting in the Country Store of Apple Cider, Apple Cider donuts, Apple Butter, Wine and More.

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