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What you need to know about Pristine & Sansa Apples!


What you need to know about Pristine & Sansa Apples!

Sansa ApplesWe are going to tell you what you need to know about Pristine & Sansa Apples!  Early season apples are known as good cooking apples but not for eating fresh. Pristine & Sansa apples happen to be good for both!

Pristine apples ripen in early to mid-August.  They are a hybrid variety developed from Golden Delicious, Rome and McIntosh apples.  Developed in the 1970’s in Indiana, they were introduced to the market in 1994.

Pristine applePristine apples have a beautiful golden yellow color that includes a pink blush.  With a crisp texture and a sweet-tart flavor, Pristine apples make for a tasty and healthy treat.  Beyond being a great eating apple, their high sugar content makes them excellent for cooking and baking.   Check out our recipe board for some great ideas on how to use these delicious apples. (link to recipes)

Sansa apples are another early ripening fruit.  Red in color with yellow streaking, Sansa’s are sweet and juicy with a little tang.  Sansa are also good for fresh eating or for making apple sauce.  A blend of Akane and Gala apples give this apple its’ color and flavor profile.

These are just two examples of the over 30 varieties of apples available at Apple Holler.  Check this page for what is available for picking!

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