Haflinger Horses

Haflinger Horses

Haflinger horses help guests enjoy many wonderful moments here at Apple Holler. We use their skills to take guests on magical winter sleigh rides, beautiful fall wagon tours and bring brides to the enchanting ceremony location on the most special day of their lives. Apple Holler wedding with horses

The beautiful chestnut colored horse originated in the Tyrolean mountains many years ago. Haflinger lineage is connected to the 249 Folie breed, which is a mix of an Arabian Stallion El-Bedavi and a refined native Tyrolean draft mare. 

Haflingers are small but mighty! They vary in height from 13 to 15 hands and weigh anywhere from 800-1200 pounds. They’re well-muscled, powerfully built and have sturdy bones. They were originally the family farm horse of peasants who resided in the mountains and were called upon to perform reliably and cheerfully even in harsh conditions. Haflingers are an incredible breed – they would plow fields, battle through winter storms and pull fallen trees.  

The versatility and gentle nature of this great breed comes as the result of careful breeding and training. Haflingers have an impressive ability to acclimate themselves, are always willing to learn, have great endurance and are engaging characters (too bad we all can’t be like Haflingers, right)?!

Haflingers are an impressive breed to say the least – they can do it all! The breed is equally at home doing farm work or dressage, driving competitions or jumping, therapeutic riding, calf-roping or in our case, helping guests have a great experience! Most older Haflingers can adjust to any rider and are very safe for children. When in a herd, they take on the role of school teacher, passing along their knowledge to the younger horses.  

Be sure to schedule a tour to not only take a tour of our beautiful orchard, but to meet the amazing Haflinger horses, too!