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How We Grow Healthy Apples


How We Grow Healthy Apples

Apples in basket - bushelMany have asked – How Do We Grow Healthy Apples?

So how do we make sure we grow the healthiest apples possible? We grow our apples with an earth-friendly method called IPM (Integrated Pest Management).

IPM is a method of pest management used to help farmers anticipate and prevent pest outbreaks so that crops growing can be more environmentally safe and economically sound. It is based on using a wide variety of pest management tactics to produce wholesome apples. 

What pest is usually responsible for being that proverbial worm in the apple? That would be the codling moth. The codling moth is one of the most serious pests of apple and pear fruits. The moth lays its eggs under the skin of the apple and then the larvae of the moth tunnel in and destroy the fruit.

Dave Flannery, the owner of Apple Holler, explains how we use insect traps and IPM to grow healthy apples in the following video.

Read more about how we grow our apples using earth friendly methods.


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