Team Building Farm Experience at Apple Holler

Team Building Farm Experience

Apple Holler's Pumpkin Picking in the Pumpkin Patch

This event is temporarily canceled due to COVID Restrictions

Join Apple Holler on the farm for a totally unique team building experience. Apple Holler’s 78 acres of Family Farm, Orchard and Enchanted Forest will reshape how you view life on the farm. This is not your average farm tour, but rather an interactive experience. Woven into the experience are team building exercises that will foster a supportive environment and provide a meaningful and fun adventure.

Available Year Round (Weather Permitting)

In order to accomplish our team-building goals here at Apple Holler we use T.R.E.E.S., not apple trees but an acronym that helps us remember some components of team building.

T is for Team Work.
R is for Respect.
E our first E is for Express.
E our second E is for Experience.
S is for Success. Success is not simply completing an exercise but doing it best that you can.

If you have experienced teamwork whether through triumph or failure you will be successful. Thomas Edison tried over a 1,000 times to create his light bulb. When asked about all his failures he said he never failed, he just found out how to not make a light bulb and was closer to accomplishing his goal.

We will create experiences that empower your team to learn how to work together more efficiently and effectively. By spending time together at the Holler, your group will bond over feeling the sense of shared vision and becoming a part of something that’s much larger than themselves. Whether you want to spend an hour or the whole day down on the farm, Apple Holler will cater your team building program specific to your goals.

Customize Your Team Building Farm Experience:

  • Trivia Orchard Maze – (Currently not available)
    Team up with others to answer questions that will lead you through our 2.5 acre Orchard Maze
  • Farm Field Day
    Participate in farm fun competition with activities such as 3 legged races, sack races, pedal cart races, tug of war, scavenger hunts, scarecrow building and more.
  • Geocaching
    Using a GPS in your hand instead of in your car, you will now have to navigate by foot our 78 acres to find certain locations where you will find clues. Problem solve as you enjoy our beautiful farm.
  • Farmer’s Golf
    This is a fun variation of the classic game of golf, that is played in our Enchanted Forest using oversized clubs and balls.

Your Team Building Experience Can Also Include Different Dining Options such as:

  • Lunch on the Farm – Soup, Salad and Sandwich
  • Or Family-Style Fried Chicken Dinner
  • Many Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Options

Call 262-884-7100 to customize your team building experience today!