Spring Apple Blossom Tour

Spring Tour with Bean Seed Planting

April & May 2023

Take in the breathtaking beauty of over 30,000 fruit trees in bloom and celebrate new life on our farm while learning all about pollinators
(such as bees) and our sustainable growing practices!

Your adventure begins with an interactive and educational lesson about nature, its beauty, and how important it is to us!  We will dive into topics like blossoms, pollination, and learn how bugs (good and bad ones) impact the world around us and how the sun, rain, and snow affect the orchard. Have fun planting a bean seed & learning the importance of roots.

We will then board the Apple Blossom Express Train, take in the sights and sounds of the orchard.  Explore the Farm Park with our farm animals!  

This field trip is perfect for students in preschool through second grade.

Engaging Educational Experience Includes:

*Plant a bean seed to take home.

*See roots growing on a bean plant.

*Learn how plants grow from seeds.

*Learn how our wind machines protect our orchard.

*Visit our farm yard chickens and goats.

*Feed the billy goats, nanny goats & newborns.

*Enjoy a freshly baked cookie treat and fresh apple cider.

*Explore our Farm Park- Jonny Appleseed History Walk, fun mazes, Kids Korral Play Area, Giant Slide, our all new Spider Web and MORE!

*Take photos at our photo ops and make memories that’ll last a lifetime!

*Enjoy an educational presentation where students will learn the life cycle of an apple tree, how trees grow, identify parts of the tree, how their unique plumbing system helps them transport nutrients create oxygen, photosynthesis, and more.

* Explore the bee hut, while learning about bees, pollination, and the parts of the apple blossom, learn to do the bee dance.

*Experience a guided educational tour aboard a tractor-drawn train ride through the Apple Holler orchards and Enchanted Forest. Learn how our wind machines protect the orchard.

 *A honey stick to take home for each guest.


bean sprout

Cost: $12.00 per person (children and adults)
40 person minimum or if less than 40 you may be combined with another group to meet the 40 person minimum.

Reservations Required

Includes Wisconsin Common Core Standards in Nutrition, Science; Life and Environment

Please call Sheryl at 262-884-7100 -OR- fill in the Reservation Request form above for details.