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An Apple Blossom Fairy Tale

Interactive Children’s Springtime Educational Musical Story


Reservations Required

Your Field Trip adventure begins with an interactive and educational lesson about nature, its beauty, and how important it is to us! We will dive into topics like blossoms, pollination, and learn how bugs (good and bad ones) impact the world around us and how the sun, rain, and snow affect the orchard. As we learn all our new facts, we will use our magic wand and team up with the Apple Blossom Fairy to save the blossoms from frost.

We will then board the Apple Blossom Express Train, take in the sights and sounds of the orchard in the springtime, and explore the Farm Park with our farm animals!

This field trip is perfect for students in preschool through second grade.

An Apple Blossom Fairy TaleEngaging Educational Experience Includes:

  • An interactive educational musical performance
  • Make a magic wand
  • Apple Blossom Express Train Tour
  • Explore the Bee Hut
  • Enjoy a freshly baked cookie treat and apple cider
  • Visit our farm animals
  • Enjoy Farm Park Fun, Fun Mazes Kids Korral Play Area, Giant Slide, and more!

Cost: $10.00 per person (children and adults)

One complimentary ticket per groups of 30 or more Reservations Required

Includes Wisconsin Common Core Standards in Nutrition, Science; Life and Environment

Field Trip Reservation Request


Please call, 262-884-7100 for details.