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Holler, “BINGO!” Bonanza

Available November through May

Get ready for a hilarious, energetically entertaining group experience with “Bingo Babe” as your zany hostess.

Apple Holler's BINGO Bonanza
She will educate you in highly intellectual “bingo lingo.” Then practice your new language skills in the hilariously fun Bingo sessions and get ready to win lots of PRIZES! All of that fun, intertwined with great food and shopping are the perfect ingredients for an energizing afternoon!

Holler “BINGO!” Bonanza Group Tour Experience Includes:

  • Zany “Bingo Babe” hostess will greet you
  • AppleHoller farm host will guide you throughout your farm tour
  • Comedic “Bingo Lingo” lesson
  • A delicious baked Chicken Dinner with homemade hot apple pie with ice cream
  • Special Bingo gift for each guest
  • Interactive BINGO session of 10 games with “Bingo Babe”
  • Country Store tasting & Gift Shop special offers
  • Orchard tour aboard a tractor-drawn wagon
  • Access to Apple Holler Family Farm Park
  • Bring your camera!

Call for details: 262-884-7100