It’s Fun To Go On A Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride In Wisconsin

It’s Fun To Go On A Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride In Wisconsin

horse drawn sleigh rides posterBundled in blankets, the world whizzes past snow-covered trees. Horse hooves clunk and sleigh runners crunch through crisp snow. Stepping back in time, horses pull you through a true winter wonderland. Romance or fun, idyllic date or rollicking family time, this horse drawn sleigh ride is just one part of the perfect memories.

Sleigh Ride!

Step back in time to the quiet of winter. To a time when traffic was lighter, or non-existent, and people knew their neighbors.

It’s the quintessential scene of a winter Hallmark romance. The couple, sharing laughter and holding hands while they snuggle together under a blanket of stars while bells jingle. Hot air puffs into the cool black sky. And just when you think it’s over, he stops the horse and gets down on one knee. They ride off, sealing their love with a perfect kiss as the horse drawn sleigh disappears.

It’s the kids yelling and screaming with joy as they bound over hills and down valleys, past trees dropping with snow. Singing, and urging the horses to run faster, holding their hands up like they’re on a roller coaster, cold and wind stinging their cheeks and making their eyes shine.
old-time sleigh ride

Fun for Everyone

This dream of a horse drawn sleigh ride comes true for more than the last 20 years at Apple Holler Family Farm between December and February. Located in the southeast corner of Wisconsin, in Sturtevant, the farm is ideally situated for people living in the Chicago, Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha areas.

Start out with a hearty farm breakfast or lunch and then a tour guide will lead your party to the sleigh where Haflinger Horses take you through the large 78-acre orchard. During the half-hour Wisconsin sleigh rides, you’ll travel among hardwood trees, many over a hundred years old. Sing songs, take pictures of the scenery, hold hands and chat with loved ones.

The trip winds down with a selection of hot cider or hot chocolate and s’mores over a bonfire. Warm up, toast some marshmallows and spend the day on the farm or head home early. The choice is yours. But don’t forget to take a picture with the horses!

Whether it’s fun, romance, or to simply enjoy a simpler time, you can find it. Wisconsin sleigh rides at Apple Holler are a simple way to make memories of a season that will last a lifetime.