The Great Pumpkin – Facts, Legends and Lore

three pumpkinsIn honor of National Pumpkin Day, which took place on Wednesday the 26th and because at this time of the year, we all crave pumpkin  in almost everything we eat (or drink), we wanted to share a bit of the Great Pumpkin – Facts, Legends and Lore and even health tips in regards to the pumpkin….. read more

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Romantic and Rustic Barn Weddings

Apple Holler's Unique Wedding VenueWhen we say the word BARN, what images begin to appear in your mind?  Weathered & Wooden? Red & Round? Spacious & Storied?  Now add these two images to the words Romantic and Rustic Barn Weddings!!!!

A rustic & romantic barn usually means one very important thing…the perfect spot for a wedding!!!!

Did you know that barns are fast becoming the new “go-to” venue for many couples seeking to have a unique as well as memorable wedding day? It is a given that this type of barn wedding won’t be your typical wedding, but that is what makes it all the unforgettable, isn’t it?…. read more

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Celebrate Strawberries at Apple Holler

Apple Holler strawberry celebration

It’s a given that the first days of summer and the first fruit of summer go hand in hand! Especially when that fruit is strawberries!

June is the peak month for strawberries here in Wisconsin and it is during this month that we celebrate this delicious fruit.  Here at Apple Holler, we love this fruit so much that we dedicate the entire month of June to celebrating this luscious fruit during our month long Strawberry Celebration.

This blog post has something for everyone,  from planting to picking, to storing, or just simply eating them. However, be sure to read through to the end though, so you can learn more about our Strawberry Celebration currently going on at Apple Holler….. read more

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