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Yummy Apple Gouda Grilled Cheese

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Yummy Apple Gouda Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese sandwiches are an American staple.  It is a great warm treat that brings back memories of childhood.  Add some soup and you’ve got a great warm and flavorful fall meal. I came across this idea on Pinterest.  Apples are a common addition to a cheese tray as a complimentary flavor.  Why not try them together in a grilled cheese?

Gouda Grilled CheeseGouda is a Dutch cheese known for its mild flavor and creamy texture.  It has a nutty flavor and a touch of sweetness.  It is one of the most popular cheeses worldwide.  Combine that with a Honeycrisp apple known for its juicy, sweet tart flavor and they mix well into a combination of flavors that is delightful!…. read more

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Recipe Review: Cinnamon Apple Crescent Bites

Recipe Review

Cinnamon Apple Crescent Bites

Crescent bites are a great weeknight dessert for your family or you can make more for a special occasion.  For a weeknight meal, you will need 1 can of crescent rolls, 1 apple, cinnamon and brown sugar.  I used a Honeycrisp apple.  Honeycrisp are known for being juicy, crunchy and having a honey sweet flavor.  For the recipe and instructions, click here.

The resulting dessert is a savory and sweet three bite delight!  The crescent roll adds a buttery flavor and flaky outer layer while the apple and brown sugar provides a sweet contrast in flavor.

I used an apple cutter and sliced the apple into 8 pieces and left the skin on.  This resulted in fairly large pieces that may still have some crunch after cooking.  If you want a soft interior, I would recommend that you cut the apple into smaller pieces so that they cook all the way through.

Cinnamon apple crescent bites a quick, easy, and wonderful dessert that can be made any day of the week!


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Learn about Apples: Empire, Golden Delicious, and Fuji

Empire, Golden Delicious, and Fuji Apples

What happens when you cross a Red Delicious apple and a McIntosh apple?  An Empire apple!  Developed in New York in 1966, Empire apples have a red and green exterior with white markings.  The sweet-tart taste brings the best flavors of Red Delicious and McIntosh together.  The crunchy texture makes it popular choice for pies.  Additionally, Empires are great in salads, sauce, baking and freezing.

Golden Delicious are a unique yellow and green skinned apple that is an American classic.  It is a mellow and sweet apple that hit the market in 1914.  The Stark brothers marketed it as a companion to Red Delicious apples.  A bit on the delicate side, take care when storing Golden Delicious. Versatile in its usage, Golden Delicious are great for salads, apple sauce, and apple butter.

Widely grown and very popular, Fuji apples originated in Japan.  A cross between Red Delicious and Ralls Janet apples, Fuji apples were developed in the 1930’s and were made available in the US in the 1960’s. The word Fuji means ‘wealthy’ or ‘abundant’ in Japan.

Fuji’s are a large, heavy, firm apple.  They have a red exterior with some striping and yellow or green undertones.  Crisp and juicy, Fuji’s are one of the sweetest apple varieties available.  With a longer shelf life than most, Fuji apples are great for eating, baking, and making sauces.  They also pair well with cheese and are great in salads.

Come out to Apple Holler and pick some of these great apples!

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Yummy Apple Crisp with Oats!

Apple Crisp made with Oats

apple crisp 2

Making an Apple Crisp is a wonderful way to use all of the apples you just picked at Apple Holler.  I made a new recipe that included old-fashioned oats as a part of the topping.  The dessert came out delicious.  The topping had a nice crispy crunch.    I used Paula Red apples that had a tart and refreshing flavor that offset the sweetness of the topping.  It is a simple recipe and I had all the ingredients in the house so it was quick to make with little planning.  Add some vanilla ice cream to top it off.

If I were to make it again, I would add a few more apples to mix!  Other than that, give it a try and enjoy a delicious dessert with your family.


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Learn about Gala and McIntosh Apples

Gala and McIntosh apples

gala appleGala apples originated on the other side of the world in New Zealand.  Gala apples are believed to be a cross between Golden Delicious and Kidd’s Orange Red apples.  Brought to the USA in the 1970’s, Gala apples are one of the most widely grown apples globally.

Gala’s have a  golden yellow and red exterior with a slightly yellow interior color.  They have a mildly sweet flavor and crisp texture.  Known as a good snacking apple they are also good for baking, juicing and freezing….. read more

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How We Grow Series – Twisting the Apple

How to properly pick an Apple

Apple Holler is unlike any other orchard. Our efforts in being ecologically-friendly help us grow our one-of-a-kind apples each year. In honor of apple season, we would like to share how we maintain our orchard to make it safe and the best it can be for all customers. We are now introducing a new series called “How We Grow”, which will give you an inside look at our processes. This week we are showing the correct way to pick an apple from our 30,000 trees!

Apples ripen from the outside of the tree towards the center, so the apples on the outside of the tree will ripen first. An apple is ripe enough to pick if it separates easily from the branch. Another way to check to see if an apple is truly ripe is to taste it, which is included in your Apple Holler experience fee!

…. read more

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Apple Pie Overnight Oatmeal– A flavorful & healthy breakfast!

Want the flavors of Apple Pie but with a healthy breakfast twist?  Apple oatmeal will do the trick.  Apple oats are a great update to a classic and healthy meal.

oats 1

Overnight Apple Oats

This is a simple crockpot recipe.  You will need steel cut oats, water, Apple Holler Apple Cider (optional), cinnamon, and sliced apples.  For the specifics of the recipe, click over to the recipe section of our website. …. read more

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Apple Holler has great early ripening all-purpose apples: Paula Red, Zestar!TM & Red Free

Apple Holler has great early ripening all-purpose apples:  Paula Red, Zestar!TM & Red Free

In 1960 Lewis Arends, a Michigan farmer, discovered the first Paula Red tree near his orchard of McIntosh trees.  He named the variety after his wife Paula.  They officially hit the market in 1968.

paula red apples treePaula Red apples ripen in late summer and early fall.  These apples are red with yellow spots.  They taste sweeter than McIntosh but are still tart and juicy.  Paula red apples are good for eating and cooking….. read more

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Easy Apple Breakfast:  No measuring required!

Easy Apple Breakfast:  No measuring required!

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, so here is an easy apple breakfast: No measuring required!  It is also the one that we spend least amount of time preparing.  Here are a couple of super simple ideas that will break up the monotony and impress your family.

pancake blog2Apple pancakes are a simple twist on a breakfast classic.  There are two ways you can make them.  The first is with the apples in the batter.  I use pre-packaged pancake mix for simplicity.  Peel 1 -2 apples, core and chop into small bits.  I used Jersey Mac apples that were picked fresh here at Apple Holler.  Simply add a little cinnamon and you’re ready to go.  I put the pancake on the griddle first and then add the cinnamon apples.  Jersey Mac is a tart apple but maple syrup adds plenty of sweetness….. read more

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What’s even better than Honeycrisp apples? Premier Honeycrisp apples!

Premier Honeycrisp applesHoneycrisp apples are coming early this year!  Newly developed Premier Honeycrisp apples are specifically developed to ripen a full 21 days earlier than the standard Honeycrisp (which is ready Mid-September).  With the same great flavor, you can now enjoy Honeycrisp apples earlier than ever before….. read more

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