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Apple Pie Overnight Oatmeal - A flavorful & healthy breakfast!

Red Apples

Apple Pie Overnight Oatmeal– A flavorful & healthy breakfast!

Want the flavors of Apple Pie but with a healthy breakfast twist?  This apple oatmeal will do the trick.  Apple oats are a great update to a classic and healthy meal.

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Overnight Apple Oats

This is a simple crockpot recipe.  You will need steel cut oats, water, Apple Holler Apple Cider (optional), cinnamon, and sliced apples.  For the specifics of the recipe, click over to the recipe section of our website. I love this recipe for its’ simplicity.  You put it in the crockpot and let it cook overnight.  In the morning, you have a delicious warm apple oatmeal that is ready to go!  Add brown sugar for additional sweetness.  This is a is a healthy, filling, and tasty apple pie flavored breakfast!

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