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Farmyard Animal Friends

Apple Holler Animals in the Winter!

Our horses enjoy their breakfast after a light snow.

In Winter, horses need the most care and attention, since they have no natural sources of food to munch on continuously. We feed our horses plenty of grain, fresh water and about five bales of hay a day. Just for the winter months, this equals to about 15 tons of hay. Wow!

Our Halflinger horses are a breed that developed in Austria in the late 19th century. Bread for their hardiness and docile temperament they are perfect for our farm. Gentle enough for children to ride, yet strong enough to pull our wagons and sleighs! We love our Halflinger Horses! 

All our animals are well cared during the winter months and throughout the year to make sure they keep warm and have fresh water and food.


The Golden Goat Bridge is where you will see the goats climbing on the high bridges. They also enjoy getting hand fed extra feed.

Did we mentions we have goats, roosters, ducks, chickens and rabbits too?


You'll see our chickens running around our farm or roosting in a tree!

Visit with our Farmyard Animal Friends! They love having visitors and showing off for our guests.