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Field Trips

We love to teach others about our farm and local agriculture. 

We have developed several fun engaging cross curriculum based learning experiences that your group can choose from. Be a part of a special adventure on our farm while experiencing deeper learning with hands-on activities and the fresh outdoors.

Call now to reserve your group outing. Groups smaller than 30 may schedule with an already scheduled group. Call Sheryl at 262-884-7100 and we will be happy to assist you in planning your next memorable day down on the farm. No matter what show and time of year you choose, we'll entertain the children and help them create memories they'll cherish for a lifetime.

Teacher's Tips

  • Watch local weather forecast to have children dress appropriately
  • Arrive 10 minutes before scheduled time
  • Guided portion of the field trip is approximatley 90 minutes. 
  • Allow additional time for Children's play area and/or lunch.
  • The chaperones are responsible for the safety of the children.  The activities of the children must be monitored by the chaperones while here.


~A fun and educational story-telling with music and audience participation.~

September - November

Kids will be delighted with this fun-filled interactive experience with Johnny Appleseed himself! We have gathered all of your favorite Johnny Appleseed tales and songs from over the years for this popular Field Trip that also includes educational information! 

This newly revised fun and interactive musical Johnny Appleseed Puppet Show, is written specifically for children in pre-school through Kindergarten. The Johnny Appleseed Puppet Show teaches about believing in one-self and following your dreams, while also including educational information on the life-cycle of a tree.

The Legend of Johnny Appleseed Includes:

  • The interactive and musical The Legend of Johnny Appleseed Show (recommended for Grade School age children) 
  • Johnny Appleseed Puppet Show (recommended for pre-school through Kindergarten)
  • An Enchanted Forest tractor-drawn wagon ride/orchard tour
  • A delicious apple from the Apple Holler Orchard
  • Freshly Baked Cookie Treat
  • A mini-pumpkin for each child
  • A full-sized class pumpkin for each classroom from (20 or more)
  • Apple Holler Farm Park - Farmyard animals, Kid's Korral, Corn Maze, Cool Cow Maze and MORE!


Cost: $8.00 per person (children & adults)
One complimentary Adult ticket per ten children or more.
$5.00 per pre-ordered box lunch (Large Hot dog, Chips and Drink)
~ Select weekday performances availalbe (call for more information)
*Reservations Required

*Quantities of apples available for picking may vary from year to year. As in all farming enterprises, weather plays a major role in determining the size of a crop. At times, guests may need to harvest apples from bins rather than trees

gemstone mining miners

A unique, hands-on experience, mining for minerals, gemstones and fossils

April - October

Take a trip back to pioneer days, with this exciting, educational and engaging experience! Begin your mining experience with entertaining melodramatic storytelling as our own Prospector Joe tells a tale intertwined with the history of Wisconsin mining. Following the storytelling, Prospector Joe will present more interesting facts about Wisconsin history and geography.

Prospector Joe will then guide guest miners through a mining experience at the Apple Holler Mining Company. Have a “rocking” good time as you roll up your sleeves and sift through your own bag of treasure in our flowing sluice. Discover and identify genuine fossils, gemstones and minerals that can be taken home. This unique mining experience will be a memorable learning event sure to spark imaginations and the desire to learn more about mining and geology.

Apple Holler Mining Experience Includes: 

  • Apple Holler Mining Mayhem Melodramatic Storytelling with Prospector Joe
  • Prospector Joe’s Presentation with Wisconsin History and Geography
  • Fun, Hands-On Mining Experience with a Bag of “Mining Rough” Containing Genuine Gemstones, Minerals, Fossils
  • Fossil & Gemstone Identification Chart
  • Freshly Baked Cookie Treat
  • Apple Holler Farm Park — Farmyard Animals, Kid's Corral, Crazy Corn Maze, Cool Cow Maze, Giant Slide & MORE!


     Cost:  $9.00 per person (children and adults)
One complimentary ticket per groups of 20 or more

Reservations Required

ag caching 1ag caching 2A Great Combination of Fun & Learning!

April to August

 Apple Holler’s Adventures with Geocaching is where nature and technology meet to create an exciting and entertaining outdoor experience! Your group will learn about trees and the growing cycle through our educational displays and presentation! Your farm guide will lead your group in this high-tech scavenger hunt using handheld GPS navigation units that willaid in answering questions and finding clues hidden throughout our 75-acre orchard. Geocaching is so much more than a hike! It’s a modern-day version of Hide & Seek.

Experience this eco-challenge that promotes team-building and problem-solving as your groups enjoy the sights, sounds of our beautiful orchard farm. We can customize your adventure to fit your group’s age level, individual needs and schedule. To ensure your safety, each team will have radio communication with your farm guide at all times. After the teams have completed this adventure, they’ll earn their Tree Degree.

Geocaching & Tree Degree Adventure Includes: 

  • GPS & Geocaching Mini-lesson with your Farm Guide
  • Orchard Tour aboard a Tractor-Drawn Wagon
  • Fun, Exciting Team-Building & Problem Solving Geocaching Experience
  • Mini Tree Presentation—Lifecycle, Ecosystems, Care of Orchard and More!
  • Become Tree Stewards and Earn your Tree Degree!
  • Educational Booklet with Tree Information & Questions
  • Freshly Baked Cookie Treat
  • Apple Holler Farm Park — Farmyard Animals, Kid's Corral, Crazy Corn Maze, Cool Cow Maze, Giant Slide & MORE!

Cost:  $8.00 per person
*One complimentary adult chaperone (must be 18 or over) per 5 children.
**One responsible adult chaperone (must be 18 or over) is required per 5 children.
***All participants must be in second grade or older.
Reservation Required


Children of all ages will enjoy this educational engaging experience of everyday life on a family farm!

June - August

Your farm guide will accompany your group on a tractor-drawn wagon tour through the orchard and Enchanted Forest. Kids can test their detective skills playing “I Spy” as they pass through the Enchanted Forest. They’ll discover all about the farm as they explore the Garden of Eatin’ and pick their own garden-fresh goodies. They’ll also learn about how “helpful and harmful” bugs affect the farm and the importance of bees with a visit to our educational display area and Bee Hut. The day also includes learning all about cows, going through our Cool Cow Maze, and a visit with our simulated milk cow “Blossom.”

Farmer for a Day Experience Includes:

  • Visit the Apple Holler Farm Garden of Eatin'
  • Pick garden fresh vegetable or fruit
  • Snack of Farm-Fresh Vegetable Salsa and Chips
  • Learn about Orchard Growing Practices, Tools, Machinery,
  • Bees, Pollination and Farm Animal Care
  • Orchard Tour on a Tractor-drawn Wagon
  • Play "I Spy" as you pass through the Enchanted Forest
  • Apple Holler Farm Park — Farmyard Animals, Kid's Corral,
  • Crazy Corn Maze, Cool Cow Maze, Giant Slide & MORE!

Cost: $7.00 per person (children and adults)
One complimentary ticket per groups of 20 or more
Reservations required


Celebrate the new life on our farm and learn while exploring!

April to June

Begin your day’s adventure with Apple Hollers fun original puppet show “Bonnie the Bee”, as she discovers why her job as a worker bee is important. Learn about a beekeeper, their suit and the honey making process. Explore the bee hut, while learning about bees, pollination and the parts of the apple blossom.

You will love visiting our adorable baby animals while learning about their care. Take in the beauty of the Orchard in the springtime on a guided tractor pulled wagon ride, and have fun at our Farm Park!

Engaging Educational Experience Includes:

  • Participate in curriculum based educational learning experience about blossoms, bees, pollination, farm animal care and more.
  • Educational puppet show about bees, bugs  and about having a purpose in life. See what a beekeeper wears and participate in the bee dance.
  • Visit baby animals and learn about their care on the farm.
  • Spring Orchard Tour on a Tractor – Drawn wagon Ride
  • Apple Holler Farm park - Farmyard animals, Kid’s Corral, Crazy Corn Maze, Cool Cow Maze, Giant slide and more!

**Reservations Required**

Cost: $8.00 per person (children & adults)
*One Complimenatry Ticket per groups of 20 or more
*Please Call for weekday afternoon & weekend availability