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You are a TOUR OPERATOR, your guests are aboard your bus, on their way home from another one of your fabulous trips.  You hear the chatter of excitement as they relive their Apple Holler visit.  You hear the chuckles or perhaps humming as they remember a funny joke or a favorite song from yet another entertaining Red Barn Dinner Theatre show.  Maybe you hear the couple behind you reminiscing of the days of old-fashioned picnics as you enjoy your tractor-drawn wagon ride through the orchard and the Enchanted Forest.  You then reach down into your bag and bring out an apple you just picked from the Apple Holler Orchard.  As the excitement begins to settle down, a full tummy from a delicious down-home meal, just like Grandma used to make, and the rhythm of the road, send many guests into a relaxing nap.  You decide to start planning your next visit to Apple Holler...where who knows what new adventures you will give to your guests?  Gemstone Mining...A Horse-Drawn Sleighride...The 2 1/2 Acre Customizable Trivia Maze?  The sky's the limit when you bring your tour group to Apple Holler!

OR...You are in charge of planning your company's next CORPORATE EVENT.  How are you going to top the team-building experience Toni planned last year?  You make Apple Holler your unique opportunity for a fantastic and memorable event!  With many interactive and entertaining experiences, great food, theatre performances, picnics and SO MUCH MORE, your event will be the one that will be the buzz of the office for years to come!

OR...You are a TEACHER, you have a classroom full of children with budding minds and you want to give them a meaningful field trip experience that fits your curriculum and your budget.  With 9 affordable and educational field trip programs offered throughout the year, Apple Holler is the perfect destination for your students!  They'll have so much fun, they won't even realize that they are learning too!

OR...You and your wonderful spouse-to-be are looking for that unique and special environment for your WEDDING DAY that resembles that unique and special love you share.  The ambiance of an outdoor tent wedding in Apple Holler's Enchanted Forest will be the perfect setting for your romantic day.  Perhaps you already have that special location picked out and you want us to bring the delicious, down-home, Apple Holler meals to you!  Not a problem, with our full-service, off-site, catering department.  Apple Holler's Special Event Coordinator is ready to help you plan your special day to be all you have always dreamt it will be!

OR...You are planning that special BIRTHDAY PARTY and want to be sure that your little farmer or cowpoke will feel like "the cream of the crop" on his or her special day!  Apple Holler's exciting and kid-friendly attractions are the ideal way to ensure that your special birthday child will remember this magical day for years to come. will get to sit back and enjoy the day with your child and  leave set-up and cleaning up work to us!

OR...You are a FUNDRAISING COORDINATOR and you are tired of all of the same old fundraisers each year.  It is your goal to come up with a fundraiser that will not only bring in the greatest profit with the least amount of effort, but will also be FUN!  You then remember hearing that Apple Holler has over 15 "FUN"draising programs!  A phone call later, you and Apple Holler's Fundraising Coordinator have created the perfect fundraising event for your charitable organization.  Could it get any easier...or fun?!

Where else but Apple Holler, could so many different groups find just the right experience for them ALL IN ONE PLACE?  AND...that's just the beginning! There are so many ways to make memories here at Apple Holler. 

So, how will you start making YOUR MEMORIES?